Magical Music
The haunting strains of the harp intermingle with a psaltery, dulcimer, and hurdy gurdy.

As the moon rises over the stones, the music somehow seems a little closer; then a sweet voice joins in for what surely must be the sounds of the fairie.
Anwyn & George Leverett have been performing and touring together for 20 years.  They performed with Nevada based Celtic folk group Clan na Gael from '92 to '99, and now perform as a duo.
Their music has taken them to stages
and festivals throughout the United States, and can be heard on film soundtrack and folk music programs.
Welcome to our music
Our new c.d. is officially available. Click the title above to find out more
Now Available:
Hearth Light
Anwyn & George Leverett
and more news:
Oregon Public Television recently aired a short documentary of us on the program 'Art Beat'.   The segment focuses on our work making Hurdy Gurdies, , and can be viewed by following this link (click here).
May 17, 2012: Anwyn and George will be on TakilmaFM radio on Thursday night. We (and our instruments) will be joining DJ Kelly & Wave's program 'soul washing sounds'. The program runs from 7-10 pm pacific; we'll be joining in around 7:30. You can hear the show live on the internet at